Surrendering the Golan Heights - Our Opinion

European leaders and some in the United States have tried to convince us that it will take a "brave" Israeli leader to make peace with its hostile Arab neighbors.  Well, "brave" leaders like Ehud Olmert and Ariel Sharon convinced Israel to surrender the Gaza Strip.  Has anyone learned a lesson from that fateful mistake?  Is anyone paying attention to the dozens of rockets being fired into Israeli towns from Gaza every month?

Now, these same "brave" leaders will have us believe that giving up the Golan Heights, part of Israel's biblical homeland, to arch-enemy Syria will somehow lead to peace.  Never mind that Syria is arming Hezbollah in Lebanon, posing a major security threat to Israel.

We call for Israeli leaders to show REAL bravery.  There is nothing brave about surrender.

We call on Israeli leaders to stand up for what is right.  Explain to the world that the Golan is part of Israel's inheritance.  Explain to the world that Syria used the Golan time and again to fire missiles into Israel the way Hamas is doing in Gaza.  Explain to the world that the Arabs have 700 times as much land as the Jews.  Explain to Obama and others that Israel cannot risk suicide in order to experiment with yet another hopelessly naive, hare-brained scheme.

The world has no respect for leaders that lack self-respect.