Our Opinion

Major General Eiland suggests that Israel warn Lebanon ahead of time that it will retaliate with great force if attacked by Hezbollah.  He is under the false impression, we believe, that Syria and Iran care if Lebanon suffers heavy casualties.  In fact, with the world press no doubt reporting "heavy civilian casualties" and "a disproportionate Israeli response" as it always does, such a response will play right into Iranian and Syrian hands.  A better strategy will be to warn Syria and Iran that if Israel is attacked by Hezbollah, it will hold those countries responsible and will inflict heavy damage on Damascus and Tehran.  We are convinced that only such a policy will stop, once and for all, the world's notorious sponsors of terror. 

Such an approach requires strong leadership, because the short-term casualties will, no doubt, be greater.  But, in the long run, far fewer people will suffer.  On both sides.

The West needs to put the sponsors of terror on notice that not only will their puppets be punished for their lawlessness, but so will the puppeteers.