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The residents of Gush Katif were forcibly removed from their homes as part of the "disengagement" plan.  Additionally, they had to abandon the successful businesses they ran.  These were some of the most productive members of Israeli society. 

Today, sadly, most are still awaiting the government's promised assistance. JobKatif is successfully helping these abandoned heroes find employment and start their lives over again.  Former Katif residents do not want charity.  They are getting assistance in starting their lives over again.  Finding employment, starting businesses, retraining, etc.

Please follow the link below and take the time to watch the moving, short video.  Then, if you are able, please make your check payable to: Central Fund - JobKatif.  To be listed here, mail your check to our web developers:

 Corporate Technology, Inc.
1040 Avenue of the Americas (24th floor)
New York, NY 10018

We will forward your check.  For your records, their tax ID is 13-2992985.  Alternately, you may send your contributions directly to them.  We have no paid staff and we make no money on any of the charitable causes we support.

Now please take the time to follow this link and watch the film clip.



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Bernstein, Amy (NY) - $180
Cohn, Raphael (NY) - $54
Jennings, Jennifer (TX) - $20
Schwartz, Avery (NY) - $50
Wallace, James (PA) - $10